માતૃશાળાનું સુખદ સ્મરણ


Since the year of 1900, Saurashtra school has been educating students and providing huge value to their lives. Passion and dedication of Late Shri Ghanashyam Pandit made the formation of the school possible. And now when we look ahead and dream to take Saurashtra High School to greater heights, we urge you to show up and be a part of this dream. Even a small amount of donation can be a huge contribution. As Saurashtra High School played a significant role in your life, you can show your love towards it today! And yes, do not forget share the message with your lovely classmates too.

Information about DONATION

As the number of students is increasing year by year, we have developed the 2nd floor of the current building and the 3rd floor (with 11 large classrooms and 2 assemblies) is also in progress. And to build them with the latest technology and equipment we thought to take help from our alumni.

With the grace of well wishers of Saurashtra High School, we have successfully collected below amount in order to devote it towards the development of the school.

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Well wishers of the Saurashtra High School who came up and contributed their part are:

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Donation Slab


We believe that if people become contributors to help us take Saurashtra High School to greater the heights, they deserve recognition. We will name the place on the donator’s name who donates towards this mission!

આપની કોઈપણ રકમનું શ્રીદાન સંસ્થા દ્વારા સ્વીકારાશે.
Bank Details

Shree Saurashtra High School Trust
Central Bank Of India
A/C NO. 3569097323
IFSC: CBIN0281313

શ્રી સૌરાષ્ટ્ર હાઇસ્કૂલ ટ્રસ્ટ, રાજકોટ આઇ.ટી. કલમ ૮૦(જી) હેઠળ માન્ય છે. આપને દાતા બની શિક્ષણચજ્ઞમાં જોડાવવા નમ્ર વિનંતી...

Information About Current Development

It has been a while now in this journey of developing infrastructure at Saurashtra High School. In a posh area of Rajkot city, we have been continuously working to make the school premises better. We take pride to say that we have already developed a central AC Auditorium, Smart Classrooms, interactive language lab, and innovative board room on the ground and first floor of the school. Now as we plan to expand the premises by adding the second floor, we tend to develop various smart classrooms, staffroom, huge library, language lab, science lab, computer lab, offices and board rooms too.


We don’t want to stop there! With a joyous heart, we want to share with you that the Wisdom School, which is a part of our organization, aims to start English medium education for 9th to 12th standards. And Gujarati medium school for 1st to 12th standard.

Current Development
Under Construction Floor


1.Will my donation money be transferred safely? Will I get a confirmation once it’s done?

Yes. Our system is such that you do not need to worry about money getting transferred. And we do provide you with a confirmation message or email once we receive your donation. 80G certificate would be provided in reference to the amount donated.

2. Who has taken the initiative to expand Saurashtra High School? And who is looking after it during the process?

Our dedicated, experienced and highly motivated team saw this dream with a cause. Our visionary team members: Shri Bhadrayu Vachhrajani, Shri Nidatt Barot, Shri Mukesh Doshi, Shri Hardev Sinh Jadeja, Shri Indubhai Vora, and Shri Jayant Bhai Desai. 

3. What is the minimum amount of donation?

As we desire you to be a part of this dream wholeheartedly, you can donate any desirable amount from just RS 10! 

4. What exactly donation amounts will be used?

At Saurashtra High School, we recently developed the premises by constructing smart classes, a language lab, etc. Now as we move forward, we are expanding the infrastructure by adding another floor to the school building. The donation amount will be used for constructing the same.

Contact us in case of any query.

Our visionary team is always happy to connect and have a word with you.


Dr. Bhadrayu Vachharajani

 Dr Nidatt Barot

 +91 9898530007

Mr.Mukesh Doshi

+91 9824077725